Does Salinex ProTect® really prevent colds?

No product can prevent colds. However, it has been clinically proven that Salinex ProTect® protects the nasal passages to help reduce the spreading and proliferation of cold viruses. Recently introduced in Canada, it is one of the few products on the market for which clinical trials have demonstrated effectiveness, by creating a protective layer in the nasal cavity.

This protection stems from the presence of carrageenan in the composition of Salinex ProTect®. A study conducted in Austria in 2010 showed that a nasal spray containing carrageenan – a derivative of red algae – helps slow down the virus replication process.1

Salinex ProTect® is the first nasal spray in Canada containing carrageenan. Since September 2013, Canadian consumers are able to benefit from this breakthrough in the fight against seasonal colds.

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