Daily Care

A natural complement to your daily routine

A natural complement to your daily routine

Your nose is your first line of defense when it comes to the air you breathe. Keeping this front-line filter free from contaminants can be as natural a part of your family’s good hygiene regimen as regularly brushing your teeth or washing your hands. Rinsing regularly with Salinex® Daily Care products keeps up the good function of your nose and sinuses and, when needed, helps relieve the symptoms of colds.

A natural complement to your daily routine


There is a Salinex® Daily Care solution for each member of your family.
Our products are 100% natural and offer gentle products that hydrate, cleanse and ease the discomfort of the most sensitive noses to help you breathe better – everyday.

Beyond helping to keep your nasal passages clean and moisturized, Salinex® Daily Care products will also help to relieve and reduce your cold symptoms. When used daily, Salinex® Daily Care seawater nasal  products will help keep your nose clean and clear.

Because everyone’s nose is unique, Salinex® has a line-up of streams to meet the needs of each member of your family.

Nasal spray,
seawater Ultra gentle stream

Nasal spray,
seawater Gentle stream

Nasal spray,
seawater Medium stream

Nasal spray,
seawater Full stream

Seawater, naturally-sourced

Salinex® Daily nasal spray products contain 100% natural-source seawater from the Gullmar fjord on the west coast of Sweden. Water is collected 32 meters below sea level where the water is very fresh and clean.

After filtration, the undiluted seawater is desalinated, using the latest marine science technologies, preserving trace elements and mineral-rich benefits to an optimum isotonic level of 0.9%.

Using Bag-on-Valve technology, seawater is filled in a bag contained within the can. The final product is then sterilized after filling.


Cleanse and ease the discomfort of the most sensitive noses

Sterile product


Used until the last drop

Ease & convenience

Kids solutions

For delicate and sensitive little noses

Certain children, particularly those under 2 years old, cannot blow their noses properly, so proper nasal irrigation is important. Nasal hygiene in children may be necessary to release secretions, clear stuffy and congested noses and maintain healthy sinuses.

Salinex® Daily Care products for babies and children are available in gentle saline or seawater solutions.

Nasal drops,
saline water For infants and children

Nasal spray,
seawater Ultra gentle stream

Nasal spray,
saline water For children 2 yrs and older

Saline water

Breathe through it all

Gentle care for everyday use. Salinex® saline water products will clean and clear sinuses to restore moisture to nasal passages. Its natural solution effectively promotes sinus health and relieves cold symptoms.

Nasal spray,
saline water For adults

Nasal Lubricant Spray,
Saline Solution For adults

Health Tips

Here are answers to some of your more frequently asked questions regarding Salinex® products and nasal hygiene.

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Daily Care

Why use Salinex ProTect®?

Salinex ProTect® is a gentle purified saline water, which does not cause dependence or addiction and has no effect on the nasal mucosa. It can be used for an extended period according to labeling instructions.

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