Why use Salinex ProTect®?

Salinex ProTect® is a gentle purified saline water, which does not cause dependence or addiction and has no effect on the nasal mucosa. It can be used for an extended period according to labeling instructions.

How does Salinex earigate® clean the ear and remove earwax buildup?

Salinex earigate® cleans and removes earwax buildup using a naturally-sourced solution.

Salinex earigate® uses a reverse action spray nozzle that directs the back flow of the solution out of the ear canal, without applying pressure to the sensitive eardrums.

  • No risk of eardrum perforation – the solution is directed away from the eardrum
  • 100% naturally – sourced seawater
  • Comfortable – a guard prevents the device from going too deeply into the ear canal
  • Hygienic – regular use reduces the risk of wax buildup
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Preservative Free