A daily breath of fresh air

Because your nose is your first line of defense, tirelessly filtering everything your busy environment throws at it. Salinex® Daily Care products use a natural solution to keep your nose clean and clear every day. Salinex® Daily Care products also provide relief from the symptoms of colds, allowing you to breathe through it all.

Salinex® Daily Care

Gentle, daily care for your child’s nose

Little noses need room to breathe too. Because babies are not able to blow their noses, nasal drops and sprays are recommended to release secretions and clear nasal passages. Salinex® Daily Care products for babies and children are gentle solutions that help facilitate nose blowing and help maintain healthy sinuses.

Salinex® Daily Care for kids  

Specialty products:
to protect,
to soothe or
to clean

Whether you need protection against the transmission of a cold, relief for a sore throat, or to remove earwax buildup, Salinex® has a product that targets your specific needs.

Salinex® Specialty Care

Salinex earigate®

An effective way to clean ears and remove earwax using a naturally sourced solution.

Salinex® Throat spray

To soothe and relieve your sore throat.

Salinex ProTect®

Helps reduce the spreading of the cold virus and reduce the duration of its symptoms.